About The Janitorial and Carpet Cleaner Calgary 


Calgary Janitorial Services

 The Janitorial Calgary Services, is part of Spotless Immaculate was created with a single purpose in mind, which was to provide a high number of customers with the best quality, value for money cleaning services around without the usual high costs associated with such commercial and residential services. The company has since become an established industry service provider with very good reputation and many satisfied customers. Our mission has been achieved some people out there might say, but we believe the constant improvement and innovation of our service list is the only way to evolve and move forward, answering the demand set forth by our current and future clientele.

Being able to provide a good range of adequate cleaning services which actually correspond to customer needs, and all within reasonable price limits is no easy task. We at The janitorial Calgary services decided that the best way to achieve this was to employ professional cleaning technicians and train them further in order to hone their skills even more and make them even better at what they do. Then we decided to equip them with the latest and most efficient  cleaning equipment and systems available right now, which has given us yet another competitive edge over the competition as our cleaners can crunch through any job with ease and deliver perfect results every time, no excuses, no exceptions.

Another of our successful company policies has been to listen to our customers and act upon their requests and needs so we made our service range as flexible and comprehensive as possible. Each type of service has been devised with customer convenience in mind as we want these to serve an actual purpose with our clientele and bring them true value for money, as we’ve all had enough of the general-average mass of commercial and residential  cleaners trying to get a piece of the pie.

The Janitorial Calgary Services also understand and appreciate the importance of keeping our business green so we have made sure all our cleaning is done in accordance to environmental protection laws and regulations, we work with strict water saving policy and have said goodbye to harsh chemicals and toxic materials.

In general, quality commercial services are expensive and hard to come by. The market displays a strong demand for quality yet affordable commercial and residential cleaning service which is open to more general publics. This was one of the reasons why Calgary Janitorial services was to provide the entire range of commercial cleaning services to more people out there. Another department in which most cleaning service providers can use some improvement is punctuality and professional standard results since affordability is rarely the only thing customers are looking for.

This prompted Calgary Janitorial Services to select and shortlist only the most professional and efficient Commercial cleaners available at that moment and put them through rigorous in commercial and residential training in order to make them even better at what they do. We appreciate the time and money of our customers so our punctuality record is almost perfect. Our cleaners will work swiftly in order to achieve top results in the shortest time possible. The company is constantly evolving as improvement and streamlining of our service list and customer service policy is top priority for us.

Having a competitive edge over the competition is a blend of different aspects such as professionalism, efficiency and punctuality as well as top grade equipment and sound technical knowledge of our cleaning crews. Competitive prices are vital for the success of the company, though they need to be backed up by a quality guarantee and actual results. Customers can rely on us to deliver exceptional cleaning results on every job and that’s a promise. It is important that our cleaning services actually serve a purpose with our customers and provide a certain level of versatility so we listen and take note, we welcome feedback and want to improve and optimize our services even more.

Each one of our special purpose cleaning types is devised with flexibility and convenience in mind as we aim to deliver real value for money on each job, either big or small. We know how important it is to be an eco friendly business so our cleaning work is done in strict accordance to all environmental and health regulations.

There are many Commercial cleaning companies out there, some better than others, some more affordable than others. But is there a company that can handle all your cleaning requirements under one roof so to speak, and do so at the right price? Well, the list is quite short, but we are a proud part of it. We established the company without the usual complex company missions or sophisticated market techniques which only burden the customer with extra charges and false expectations. We had an idea and a purpose.

Our idea was to create a company able to cover the entire spectrum of customer cleaning requirements without charging an arm and a leg for it. The purpose was clear – to promote quality domestic services and earn our customers’ trust, not the hard way nor the easy way – but the right way, through hard work and punctual attitude. Setting ourselves apart from the general average mass of domestic cleaners was no easy task, it took lots of effort, hard work and impeccable customer approach to get where we are today, it was worth it though and we only intend to keep growing and become even better at what we do.

All this sounds great on paper, but actual results and top performance is delivered only by the best professionals in the industry. This is why we made it our business to find, shortlist, select and train a fine pick of professional domestic cleaners which were to bring our mission to the customers in the form of top quality, well priced cleaning services they can rely on.

Naturally, the Calgary Janitorial services equip all our crews with the latest and most efficient cleaning systems and equipment as technological advancement and the implementation of new, better cleaning systems is the only way to move forward. We also know that our customers are our most valuable asset so we took the time to listen and learn from them. Our cleaning services are designed with convenience in mind, they are meant to serve an actual purpose with our customers and Calgary Janitorial services are proud to have achieved this uneasy task.


The Janitorial Calgary is located in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We are fully Insured, Bonded and WCB registered. Call - Us today @ 403 - 560 - 9040 for a FREE estimate.