Discounts Carpet Cleaning

Discounts Carpet Cleaner Calgary

The Carpet Cleaner Calgary take pride in making sure the price we quote you is the price that you pay. We don’t add charges on during the job. Unfortunately we can’t offer you a proper price until we work the job out with you as each job is different and therefore comes with a different price.


Carpet Cleaning Discounts Calgary

Our Discounts Price Include The Following;

When we undertake a job for you we will take the time to carefully move around the furniture. We can move sofas and chairs, and clean up the area around and underneath them before putting them back. Think of it as an extra layer of cleaning. We also have a smaller hand tool that we can use to clean around larger items of furniture such as wall units, cabinets, and sideboards. We can also clean around TV stands carefully to avoid having to disconnect and reconnect everything.

   Discounts 2Bedroom Carpet Cleaning           Discounts Livingroom Carpet Cleaning

       Discounts 2 Bedrooms Carpet Cleaning                         Discounts  Living room Carpet Cleaning


Condo & Apartment Carpet Steam Cleaning Discounts:

One Bedrooms Carpet Cleaning including living room & hallway - $65.00

Two Bedrooms carpet shampoo including living room dining room & hallway- $75.00

Three Bedrooms carpet shampoo including living room. Dining room & hallway- $90.00

 Discount Carpet Cleaning   Stairway Steam Cleaning


Residential (Bungalow) Carpet  Cleaning Discounts

2 rooms Carpet Steam Cleaning including living rooms. Dining room hallway & set of stairs - $85.00

3 rooms Carpet Steam Cleaning including living room dining room hallway & set of stairway - $95.00

5 Bedrooms carpet shampoo including living rooms dining room hallway & set of stairway- $120.00

Basic service call charge (includes a room up to 600spft) - $65.00

Area over 600sqft additionally - $0.15

Heavy traffic area only - $0.25

Spot remove only per hour- $35.00

Stairways only per step - $2.00

Stairways 10 step and over with services call for other rooms- $1.00

Upholstery Cleaning Discounts

Dining chairs, cleaning & spot removal- $5.00

Sofas seating (three) -$40.00

Love sitter $35.00

Odor neutralizer per sq ft - $0.30

 Living room Cleaning     Hallway Steam Cleaning


Commercial Carpet Cleaning  Discounts in Calgary

Unfortunately we can’t offer a catch all price guide for our cleaning services. This is especially true of commercial carpet cleaning. We can, however, offer a bit of an estimate for you. We generally charge $0.20 per square foot of carpet that needs to be cleaned. If you’d like we can also come out and survey the office in question and give you a proper estimate. What changes the discounts price are things like furniture, desks, and chairs, which we are going to have to move around. How easy we can bring in our twin Vac Altec carpet cleaning machine can also affect the price. As can how easily we can park and access the building and access the water supply. Our site surveys are completely free and they’re also carried out on a no obligation basis. If we provide a price you don’t like then that’s okay. We’ll just go our separate ways. For more information on our cleaning and surveying services just Call or Text Us.

All of our cleaning operations come with a free deodouriser to leave the room smelling clean. Our Altec twin vac, as well as being a very powerful cleaner,
We also feature highly maneuverable equipment. Easy to get in and out of your location.
There is no need to have doors left open losing valuable heat or air conditioning. Cleaning and maintenance schedules with you in mind.

Professional attitude. Prompt service. Little or no drying time required after treatment. We use green products.

For all others services please call - us @ 403 - 560 - 9040 for FREE ESTIMATES. We will give you the
best price - the price you can afford, with professional service guaranteed!!!

In order to receive our special pricing please remember to mention that you have visited our web site.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are fully Insured,Bonded and WCB registered. Call us today @ 403 - 560 - 9040 for a FREE estimate