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Post Construction Clean-Up in Calgary

The Janitorial Calgary is an experienced Renovation and Construction Cleanup Company. We know that once your building project is finished,

you want to have it ready for occupancy as soon as possible. We also know all about  the dirt and debris that is left behind, and we are

fully-equipped to

meet and exceed the high standard clean up services required on your Construction Site. We are fully equipped and prepared to immaculate

clean, polish

and ready your new or old  home, store, restaurant or office building for its debut. The Janitorial Calgary has built  a strong reputation

in the

industry over the years for excellence as a post construction preoccupancy janitorial services. All of our staff are fully insured, bonded

and trained to ensure

their safety as well as the consistency of our quality. The Janitorial Calgary can handle any size of job with ease and expertise at very


prices. The Janitorial Calgary is a top quality trusted Janitorial Services for all Commercial, Residential and Industrial Cleaning

including Building and Rent Property Maintenance.

The Janitorial Calgary is an efficient, high quality, reliable and trustworthy company. The Janitorial Calgary will provide your company
with a professional cleaning services. Satisfaction guaranteed.

At the Janitorial Calgary our post construction cleanup services includes, but not limited to the following work. The Janitorial Calgary
supply labour and materials

           Post Construction Cleanup

Here is Our Description of Work at Construction Site
  1. Vacuum and scrape floor prior to flooring installation
  2. Clean shelves and drawers inside and out
  3. Clean all free standing fixtures
  4. Clean & removal of high and low dust
  5. Clean all mirrors
  6. All glass clean In - Out
  7. Clean of Stock room & fitting room
  8. Sweep, vacuum & mop floors
  9. Strip, scrub, seal & wax vinyl floor
  10. Clean light fixtures
  11. Sanitize bathroom
  12. Clean wall panels
  13. Dust, wipe & polish stainless steel
  14. Clean desk and Office furniture
  15. All exterior of the storefront.

Some of our value Customer are the following                               Here are some of our Construction cleanup projects

Beyersbergen Interiors Ltd. Edmonton.                                                                          Edo Japan restaurant Coventry town center                      

Candid Contracting. St Albert.                                                                                        Banana republic Chinook mall

Harbet Coating Inc. Calgary.                                                                                         Pandora Market mall  

Perfect Dimension, Calgary.                                                                                          Thomas Sabo Chinook mall

Axxys Construction Montreal.                                                                                         Saje  South center mall

Summit Construction BC.                                                                                               H & M Crossiron mill mall

Thomas Sabo                                                                                                              Pennigton London town mall

Road savers western Ltd.                                                                                              American Apparel Chinook mall
                                                                                                                                  Optics Market mall
                                                                                                                                  Soft Mug Crossiron mill mall

The Janitorial Calgary located in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We are fully Insured, Bonded and WCB registered. Call - Us today @ 403 - 560 - 9040 for a FREE estimate.